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Electric charging cover
The charging cover is an exterior decoration of new energy vehicles, which is used to match the appearance of the vehicle. As a key part of the protection of the charging socket, the charging cover should be opened when the car needs to be charged while it should be closed in time after completing the charging.In designing the charging cover, its shape, the structural strength of the product, the process, the comfort of man-machine operation, and the overall beauty of the surrounding parts should be taken into consideration. The electric charging cover can be opened by pressing the button in the car or touching the cover
Electric automobile tail
When a car travels at high speed, lift is generated due to the shape of the car. Lift reduces the pressure the car puts on the tires, thus reducing their adhesion to the road. When various side forces function and the car takes turns, it is prone to experience sideslip.
The rear wing creates downforce on the rear end of the vehicle at high speeds, counteracting the lift generated by the car body, ensuring adequate tire adhesion, thus increasing stability and maneuverability, and effectively improving power utilization.
The height and angle of the electric tail varies with the speed of the car, allowing the car to produce a matching downforce at different stages and to minimize the impact of wind resistance
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