Innovation and development
Innovative R&D
Innovation, research and development

Adhering to the concept of "technology-driven development", the spirit of profession and dedication, the style of high efficiency and pragmatism, Mobitech persists in independent research and development. It has a main research and development center, a vice research and development center, two technical representative offices.And the research and development center has more than one hundred and fifty engineers currently, engaging in research and development of new technology,development of new products, project management and testing center.The vice research and development center deals mainly with docking customer application and rapid response to customer demand.

Mobitech has established a development process of complete independent intellectual property rights, and realized the development of virtual simulation. And all the technical information of purchasing logistics and manufacturing experience real time sharing through the data center,thus realizing intelligent development.It serves for 34 customers from around the world.It has established the adaptive data exchange system according to different customer needs in order to ensure the confidentiality and efficiency of the development process.It will follow the global development trend of skylight, focus on the new concept of skylight innovation, so as to provide customers with first-class skylight technology solutions.

Honor and quality of the lab
Laboratory area:2700 square meters; Experimental equipment: 66 sets (sets);Testing capability: 96% of the test items on the skylight test syllabus,including environment, machinery, product performance
electronic function testing ability and other outsourcing testing:toxic substances testing, volatile organic compounds testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing
Technical patents
The leading technical innovation is the core competence of the company
Industry Outlook
Industry prospect

In the future, there will be structural differentiation in the passenger car market, and the scale of traditional cars will expand gently.The market size of small SUV and seven-seat SUV will continue to expand, and the proportion of SUV in passenger car sales will be further increased. The production and sales volume of SUV is expected to reach a peak of about 70% in the next few years after it exceeds the production and sales volume of passenger car for the first time in 2020. At the same time, under the rapid development of new energy vehicles, it is expected that the sales of new energy vehicles will account for 20% of the entire car sales in 2025. At present, more than 75% of models in China's automobile market are equipped with skylight, and in the next five years, the number of models equipped with skylight will reach about 90% to 95%.

With the gradual maturing of the new energy vehicle market, "electric", "network", "intelligent" and "sharing" ---this "new four" together gradually become a new future trend. Looking at the market, oems and parts enterprises all take intelligent network as an important starting point to create differentiated competitive advantages, so as to build a moat for enterprise development. Mobitech has always been adhering to the idea of emancipating the mind, actively embracing technological changes, increasing investment in research and development, and expanding and leading the market with abundant product groups.

Mobitech will provide automobile products of "new four" on the basis of all types, platform-based and serialization (including but not limited to skylight) to bring better driving experience to the majority of automobile users.