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  • Job description:

    Job responsibilities:

    1、Be responsible for the improvement of quality abnormality analysis and implementation of on-site quality control activities;

    2、Responsible for product certification, process statistical control, preparation of inspection and guidance technical documents;

    3、To be responsible for the supervision and assessment of the efficiency of the inspection, and to implement the skills upgrading and grading assessment;

    4、Responsible for 4M change validation and normative management;

    5、Responsible for the customer's zero-km complaint analysis and tracking and closing the improvement measures of quality abnormality;


    1、Experience in quality engineer of automobile parts industry of first-level supply chain;

    2、Engineer management experience >5 years;

    3、Ts internal auditor, proficient in 5 tools and practical experience;

    4、Be responsible for or participate in the implementation of ford Q1 or changan QCA certification work experience is preferred;

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