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Shanghai yu tian crown auto parts co., LTD     

    MOBITECH was established in 2004, the registered capital of $6.41 million, is a professional committed to the car skylight design, development, production of high-tech enterprises, mainly in the service of each big automobile manufacturer, to provide professional, the skylight complete system solutions.

    Company headquarters is located in Shanghai, was formally established in July 2015, technology center, the distribution of manufacturing base in Shanghai, chengdu, changchun, have many product lines at the same time, multiple product design platform, to meet customer demand for the diversification of automobile skylight.Now the company total number of more than 1000 people, including more than 200 technology research and development team.At present, guangzhou, Qingdao manufacturing base is in planning, xiangtan manufacturing base will be in August 2018 formally put into production.

    MOBITECH is committed to continuously improve product quality, increase r&d investment, to speed up the pace of technological innovation, and strive to achieve long-term development goals.

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